CFV1-V-CBK Coffeevac V Black & Clear

Professional Series 1/2 lb Coffeevac V

The Ultimate professional coffee storage container. Allowing freshly roasted coffee to degas and breath, maintaining long term freshness by creating a Vacuum seal each and every time the Vac is closed. The Coffeevac V’s  patented system is able to keep Coffee fresher than any other container.

Tightpac America inc developed this system for the Professional Coffee Maker. Whether in your Home, Office or Coffee shop you need to keep freshly roasted beans away from the elements. Our Vacs create a vacuum seal, allows carbon dioxide to escape with our patented technology, protecting your precious products from air, moisture and light. Keeping  your Coffee – Fresher for Longer.

There is really nothing else like the Coffeevac V Coffee storage system.

Coffee grounds or beans 8 oz / 250g / 0.8 liter 

Dimensions: 5 -1/4" tall x 4-1/8" diameter (13 cm x 10.5 cm)

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