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TP3 Partypac

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The absolute party animal holds 4 hand rolled cigarettes, 1/8th, your money or keys.

When at the beach hide it in the sand, bury it in the flower garden with an extra set of house keys or keep emergency cash in your car. Airtight and smell proof makes this pocket sized container very cool. Party on!

Dimensions:  4-1/2 tall” x 1-1/2” oblong diameter

* Made of super strong Polypropylene

* Super durable, won’t melt or break

* Will float until you decide to recue it

* Small plastic items do not set off security devices

* Discreet and stylish, Tightpacs will clip to socks, pants and under clothes

* Promotes safety when traveling, routine traffic stops are no longer a stressful event

Additional Info

Additional Info

Height 4-1/2"
Diameter 1-1/2"
Volume 0.06 l


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