Premiums & Promotional products

Do we offer a Branded Products program?

Yes we do. For larger quantities of branded Vacs we offer price incentives that are contingent upon these branded Vacs being given away or bundled with existing products.

Nestlé Purina, St. Louis, USA

Nestle Purina, USA Nestle Purina, USA Nestle Purina, USA Nestle Purina, USA Nestle Purina, USA

Why use our Vacs for your promotional needs?

Our Vacs offer a unique opportunity for companies to show their appreciation to special clients by offering an up market gift that happens to be sustainable in that it keeps goods for very long periods of time. This means that your company, its products and logo will be identified and remembered as a quality item.

Coffee Island, Greece, UK

   Coffee Island, Greece Coffee Island, Greece Coffee Island Coffee Island, Greece Coffee Island, Greece

Espresso Gear AB, Kullavik, Sweden
                                                         Maxicoffee, France


How long will the Vacs last?

A Tightvac can last easily for 10 years. This again off sets the slightly higher price of our Vacs when compared to a mug, T-shirt or pen made in china. In the event that clients drop their Vacs or crack caps etc.. We offer replacement parts which are sometimes free depending upon the circumstance, or very reasonably priced when ordered online. This keeps your branded Vac in sight and appreciated for a much longer period of time.

Heritage Coffee, Alaska USA                                                                                          Kazkfe Coffee, Réunion

HeritageHeritageHeritageHeritage KazkfeKazkfe

S&D Coffee&Tea, USA    Woods Coffee, USA      Door County Coffee&Tea, USA


   Door County


41&Change, USA          Commumity Coffee, USA  Speicherstadt kaffee, DE

411 & Change          SPEICHERSTADT


Capital Tea, USA          Tea 2 Go                           Camellia Sinensis

  Capitol     Tea 2 Go     Camellia Sinensis


Christmas or Holiday promotions?

We offer colors and styles to go with every occasion. Our branded Vacs are memorable, often being used every day for products like Coffee, Tea or Pet treats and because they last a long time and keep goods fresher for longer everyone will remember you and your company.

Café Grumpy, USA                   Ex Machina, Swiss                 Nescafé, GR       Pennybridge Roasters, USA

Café Grumpy Ex-Machina Ex-Machina   Nescafe   Pennybridge Roasters


Hollywood Feed, USA                                           By Nature, USA                                                                       AG Service Seeds         Mazuri, USA            

Hollywood Feed Hollywood Feed By Nature By Nature AG Service Seeds, USA, USA


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Volcanna, il                                                                                                            Vapor Nation, USA    Planet of the Vapes, USA   Kind Tray, USA

    TV0-Rolling Stoned   TV1-Rolling Stoned     TV0-Rolling Stoned   TV1-Rolling Stoned     Vapor Nation     Planet Of The Vapes      Kindtray, USA


 Famous Smoke, Cigar Monster, USA                                                Nickel City, USA           Vaposhop, USA              Dr. Baker, USA

Famous Smoke Nickle City, USA Vaposhop Dr. Baker Rx