SP1-CBT Spicevac Light Blue Tint

The Ultimate Spice & Herb Container

SP1 - Spicevac - Plastic vacuum sealed spice container will keep all your spices for up to 1 year and beyond without caking, hardening or rotting. Easy removable screen design is the same as conventional glass spice bottles. Perfect for boats, cottages, second homes and RV's. Preserves herbs & spices for long periods of time without pumps or electricity.

Patented system creates a vacuum seal  and keeps dry goods - Fresher for Longer
FDA Approved - Food Grade - Airtight, Moisture free and Recyclable
Replaces all standard spice bottles and fits in almost all conventional spice racks

Dry Goods Capacity:  1 oz / 25 to 30 grams/ 0.09 liter

Dimension: 4-1/3"tall x1-5/8" diameter (11 cm x 4 cm)

Uses include: garlic , oregano, all peppers, all salts, cinnamon, basil, rosemary, and all herbs & spices

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