7 Places You Should Bring Your Tightpac This Summer

7 Places You Should Bring Your Tightpac This Summer

By Denise Mckenzie

The summer is in full swing and so far It’s been a blast. But guess what? It’s not over yet! There is still plenty of time for fun in the sun, BBQs, and concerts.

While you are enjoying the summer vibes, be sure to stay prepared. Don’t forget your Tightpac! You can keep your favorite strains fresh and stay discreet at the same time.

If you live in a particularly humid climate, you can always throw in a humidity control packet that will help keep it fresher for even longer. You can also add extra smell-proof protection with our Tightpac Gold Bags.

These storage containers are perfect to take on-the-go with you on all your adventures.

Here are just a few places you can bring your Tightpac container with you on-the-go this summer…

Day at the beach

What summer would be complete without a few beach days? It doesn’t have to be the ocean! Do you have a lake, river or local swimming hole you like to jump in when summer’s relentless heat bogs you down? Head to the water! Don’t forget to grab that Tightpac to complete your day.

Photo: Ethan Robertson

Outdoor concert or music festival

Live music is one of the best ways to celebrate summer. You’ll want to be discreet and stay safe with one of our Partypac or Bluntpac containers made to store pre-rolls. You won’t have to worry about smashing your sticks in your purse or pocket.

Photo: Avel Chuklanov

Weekend hike

Set out for a weekend hike! For an extra bonus, especially on those hot summer days, check local trail guides to see if any lead to a waterfall. Throw a Tightpac container in your backpack and tune in with nature.

Photo: Roxanne Desgagnés

Road trip with your best pals

There isn’t anything much more symbolic of summer than an impromptu road trip with your friends. Get a copy of On The Road and pack up your favorite Tightpac products to keep your stuff fresh and discreet. The different sizes are easily stored in any travel bag or car storage department.

Photo: Dino Reichmuth

Pool party

Tightpacs are perfect for a pool party! You don’t have to worry if someone knocks your container into the pool. The air-tight seal will prevent any water from getting in. So, you can relax, grab your other favorite party favors and cut loose!

Photo: Jakob Owens

Traveling on a plane

If your summer plans include traveling somewhere on a plane, pack your Tightpac container because they are the best storage to take on-the-go. Pick a size that will fit nicely in a checked bag. Not only can you store your herbal supply, but you can also store toiletries, snacks, jewelry and more.

Photo: Ross Parmly

Camping trip

As with traveling a plane, you typically have to pack quite a bit for a camping trip. You can use Tightpacs to store just about anything you would need. Protect your food from pests, store ground coffee, and even keep small items like extra batteries and other camping accessories.

Photo: Mahir Uysal

Tightpacs are versatile, easy to carry, and discreet. They are the perfect storage accessory to bring on-the-go for just about any situation, especially on your summertime adventures.

So stay cool, stay fresh and remember! Don’t leave home without your #tightpac.

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