The largest international coffee fair in Europe was held in Berlin from June 15 to 18th, 2019. From the beginning the event promised to be Germany’s biggest coffee fair in years! It wasn’t without its challenges as Messe Berlin presented some of the Exhibitors with some very unusual situations behind the scenes. For example our pallet with all of our display and giveaway Coffeevacs went mysteriously missing, so we had to order some extra stock from our Prague storage, and had a car drive through the night and deliver it to our hotel at 4 am in the morning. We are so lucky to have had this opportunity. Other companies like Sanremo had a specialty espresso coffee machine go missing during the night which cost over 50,000 Euro’s! Other companies had laptops and computer pads go missing. Who says the life of an exhibitor at Messe Berlin is easy! 

However I must say because of our dedication and belief in our Coffeevac line we had one of the best fairs, we have ever had! Berlin turned out to be an unexpected gem of a city with huge parks, and 100’s of coffee shops, dotted throughout this expansive city. Food was quite amazing and reasonably priced, even in touristic areas. The historical significance of Berlin throughout European and world history is quite significant. From Check Point Charlie to the Brandenburg gate the sites just kept coming. Berlin is now one of my favorite cities in the world.

Brandenburg Gate – Built by the Prussian King William II in the late 1700’s its mission was to be a peaceful gate however history tells another story. 

Building where Hitler and prominent Nazi’s made speeches during military parades

Bebelplatz Square, constructed around 1740 is where the Berlin Opera started under another Prussian Federick II. The Nazi party however made it very famous by burning more than 20,000 books deemed to be anti German! This square was mostly destroyed in the battle of Berlin, during allied bombing raids. It looks amazing today!

Holocaust Memorial – All cement and very Eerie place.

Parks in Berlin are plentiful some very large indeed with bike and walking paths galore. This is a wonderful little stream running through the park which actually had otters swimming through the algae laden waters!

Tightpac Europe’s hotel lobby – simply cool as a cucumber!

Street gambling – 100’s of years old still alive in Berlin – 

Stop taking pictures!!!


Tightpac Europe Stand

Ikawa – First professional roaster of its kind and wow they were busy!

Many artist series equipment on hand – a new trend as the competitive nature of the coffee business expands.

Main stage – however there were other stages throughout the 3 different halls.

Merrijn the magnificent Alpro beverages brand Barista was serving everything from Soy lattes to Turmeric drinks. All totally delicious.

Get off your phone!! There is a giant hand with boiling water approaching!

Brazil brought their best.